Where to market with video!

Interested in learning more about the different platforms where you can use videos to promote your listings and brand? This blog is for you. Facebook is the most common tool used by Realtors to share videos of their listings - and is the platform we recommend our clients spend time developing their audience on. Facebook allows videos of up to 45 minutes to be uploaded, so in practice there is not a limit to the length of the videos that can be posted. However, we recommend videos be limited to 2 minutes or less, as often this is the longest a viewer's attention can be maintained. Facebook's algorithm prefers videos be uploaded directly (called native upload), rather then via a link - so make

Your brand is EVERYTHING to us.

Norman & Young has always been a different type of media company. To us, it's never been only about the photos, but has always been about having the best customer experience possible (of which our media is a very important aspect). The market is saturated with Realtors - and just as our customer service experience sets us apart from other media companies, your customer service sets you apart from other Realtors. This is why we are so keen on not only producing great media, but also with being consummate professionals in our interactions with your clients. How we treat your clients directly contributes to how they perceive you and your brand. The long term success of our company relies on bu

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