Elijah's Day | Behind The Scenes #002

‼️🎥 Elijah's Day | Behind the Scenes #002 🎥‼️ A few weeks back, we teased a behind the scenes series where we give you a little more info about how we work as a company, the different roles we play, and operationally how we work day to day. So today we’re going to start with what I do, now that I’m not at shoots very often. We really try to structure everything to be client first, because we notice a lot of companies, our competition, or really any business in the service industry. They’ll try to scale, but they lose focus on their clients. Sure, maybe it results in them scaling, but it gets to the point where they start losing clients, and it’s way more expensive from a business standpoin

Monday Media Minute #007

🎥💥 Monday Media Minute | #007💥🎥 My crew keeps telling me not to give away our secrets - so here we go! This one's about why our drone footage looks different than yours, despite coming from the same model drone! Please excuse the quiet talking - this was take 427 and the neighboring offices looked slightly annoyed. 😬 Have a question? Drop us a comment!

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