👋🏼 Meet AARON 👋🏼

👋🏼 Meet AARON 👋🏼 - Aaron puts the "Young" in Norman & Young...literally. - At the time Aaron joined the company, it was called "Eli Jones Photography". Eli and Aaron then rebranded, using their middle names, to "Norman & Young". Aaron has been an integral part of our growth process bringing artistic and technical value that has allowed us to cotninue to improve our craft and scale the company over the last 4 years. Cheers to Aaron! 👏

👋 Meet MARK 👋

👋🏼 Meet MARK 👋🏼 - Mark Davis is our AWESOME Director of Photography here at Norman & Young - that means he's responsible for making sure our product is consistent between photographers always looks GREAT! So all those specific camera, software, editing settings and camera angles that go in to a Norman & Young shoot are his territory. Mark has been with us for almost 2 years now, and we hope for MANY more!

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