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We are a team of 5 dedicated to making you and your listings shine. We do things differently at Norman & Young. We believe that how we present ourselves to your sellers is equally important to the quality of our media. We want your sellers to feel like they picked the best Realtor around, and we serve to act as an extension and enhancement of your brand. From introducing ourselves as "John's photographer" instead of Norman & Young, to the way we dress, we have one goal in mind - to make you look great!

Here are some of the ways we compliment your brand:

• We introduce ourselves as your photographer, not Norman & Young.

• On time is 5 minutes early. We won't waste you or your clients time.

• We always dress professionally.

• We take extra time to tidy what we can to make your media look the best possible.

• Before moving items, we always ask the sellers permission, and always put everything back.

• We turn off the lights we turned on before leaving the shoot.

• We guarantee 24 hour turn around time, but almost always deliver media before 12pm the following day.

Interested in working with us? We'd love to meet with you. Your office or ours!

Best regards,

Elijah Jones

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