How we shoot video!

There are many different styles of real estate video out there, so this blog serves to talk about our philosophy when it comes to real estate video, and what you can expect when you book a real estate video shoot!


First off, we shoot about 90% of our shots on a slider - this makes for smooth, slow video that allows viewers to take in the space without feeling "rushed" by the video. This also allows us to give the video a relaxing feel, something that will make the house seem calm and a great place to call home. The remaining 10% or so of the shots will be "detail" shots that show some of the homes better features a little more closely, and we shoot these with an electronic gimbal based camera stabilizer. This makes for smooth, buttery footage (buttery is good!). We also shoot aerial footage at no additional charge when the property warrants aerial video!


Length wise, we have two video options; 60 seconds and 120 seconds. Our 60 second videos are designed with Instagram in mind, (due to the 60 sec max length of the platform) but can also be used on Facebook or sent directly to buyers. Our 120 second videos are best used on Facebook, and are especially beneficial when the property is larger and would be best shown at greater length. Often times, the 120 second videos are used to highlight a special listing, and realtor intro/narration is often added to this video package.

Have a land only listing? We have a 60 second aerial only video option as well!

60 Second Video | $155

60 Second Aerial Only Video | $125

120 Second Video $255


Due to greater editing time, our video are backed by a slightly longer 48 hour turn around time (photo turn around time is less than 24 hours). However, we are flexible and can usually accommodate shorter turn around time upon request.


Of course! We have high-end audio recording capabilities, and we would love for you to introduce your next listing on video, or even narrate the video! Voice add ons are +$65 to the video price.


​Photos sell properties. Video and 3D tours sell sellers. What do we mean by this? Often times, all that is needed to sell a property is great photos. However, providing your listings with great video, 3D tours and other media is a great way to position yourself as a market leader, and a realtor that is worth their commission. In the current market, selling a listing is a almost a given - the struggle is in convincing people to list with you. Would you rather list with an agent who dumps photos on MLS and hopes for the best, or an agent who spends the extra to provide their sellers with the best media around? Video, 3D tours and other media are a great way to not only advertise your listing, but also your brand!

Have any questions? We'd love to discuss your next media for your next listing with you!

Best regards,

Elijah Jones

Norman & Young

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