Where to market with video!

Interested in learning more about the different platforms where you can use videos to promote your listings and brand? This blog is for you.

Facebook is the most common tool used by Realtors to share videos of their listings - and is the platform we recommend our clients spend time developing their audience on. Facebook allows videos of up to 45 minutes to be uploaded, so in practice there is not a limit to the length of the videos that can be posted. However, we recommend videos be limited to 2 minutes or less, as often this is the longest a viewer's attention can be maintained. Facebook's algorithm prefers videos be uploaded directly (called native upload), rather then via a link - so make sure to upload the video file itself, not the link we provide, when sharing on facebook. This will result in your video getting more organic (non-paid) views. Facebook also has an incredible paid advertising program that EVERY Realtor should spend the time to explore and understand as it is a very underpriced advertising platform.

Instagram (owned by Facebook) is mobile only platform that can be used to share listing videos. Whereas Facebook allows up to 45 minute videos to be posted, Instagram feed videos are limited to 1 minute at the time of this publication. This is the platform we intended our 1 minute videos to be used on. Since instgram is a mobile only platform that does not allow video links to be posted, you will need to email the video file to yourself and download it from the email onto your phone. Note that instagram automatically crops the videos to be a square, but this can be "fixed" by clicking the widescreen button pictured below.

Youtube is a video only platform that allows creators to upload videos and tag them with relevant key words to promote organic views via the search function. Most realtors do not grow audiences on this platform (with some notable exceptions here) but simply use it as a platform they can upload the video file to and get a link to share.

Vimeo is similar to youtube in that most realtors do not build a following on it, but simply use it as a method to make links to their videos that they can share. Norman & Young uses Vimeo to host our videos.

Email is another great way to send videos. Often this is done via a email "blast" system such as MailChimp or ActiveCampaign. These software's typically require links to be used, rather than the video file itself, but this will depend on the specific program.

With each video, we will send you both a link to the video, and the video file itself. Read below to understand the difference between the video file, and the link.

Link - a website where the video file has been uploaded and can be viewed. This is convenient to send in an email or via a text message as it does not require sending the large video file itself. The link we provide you will take viewers to our Norman & Young Vimeo account (similar to Youtube) where they will be able to watch the video. If you prefer to send viewers to a Youtube or Vimeo account of your own, simply create an account, and upload the video file to your account.

File - the video file itself (delivered via the Client Center) is the actual video that can be uploaded to your Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, brokerage website, etc.

For more information on using video to market your listings, or for specific questions regarding our videos - give us a call!

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