Elijah's Day | Behind The Scenes #002

‼️πŸŽ₯ Elijah's Day | Behind the Scenes #002 πŸŽ₯‼️

A few weeks back, we teased a behind the scenes series where we give you a little more info about how we work as a company, the different roles we play, and operationally how we work day to day.

So today we’re going to start with what I do, now that I’m not at shoots very often. We really try to structure everything to be client first, because we notice a lot of companies, our competition, or really any business in the service industry. They’ll try to scale, but they lose focus on their clients. Sure, maybe it results in them scaling, but it gets to the point where they start losing clients, and it’s way more expensive from a business standpoint to always be getting new clients. We’d rather just keep the clients we have, treat them well, and serve them in a way that makes them not want leave. One way we do that is that I still check every photo we send out. We found that it was better, quality wise, to have everyone out shooting and then checking the final photos myself. The process of editing and checking the photos is where the difference is really made. We all shoot the same way, so having the same set of eyes look at every photo ensures that consistent result, project after project. To paint a picture of my day in general then, I show up at the office in the morning and check the work the work phone for all the texts from the night before. I make sure that everyone has the photos and products that they need and any issues they have are taken care of. All the photographer have emailed me their photos, and I just check the editing and make sure everything looks great. At that point I deliver them to you, that way I’ve put my eyes on every project and every project is accounted for. Then the rest of the day is spent scheduling or doing projects like this, where we do a behind the scenes project. It’s a very repetitive day to day process, but I think having one set of eyes, whether it’s mine or someone else’s in the future, looking at all the projects just ensures that we have that continuity of product where you can always expect the same quality over and over.

So that kind of how my day goes, I start in the morning by editing all the photos, sending them to you, and the afternoon is really filled with emails, whether it’s a custom video or working on scheduling. But my day isn’t very interesting, photographers day’s are much more interesting. So next episode, you will see a video of these two gentleman or one of the other two gentlemen who are not here today, and we’ll go from there!

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